Fire in Pasadena’s Upper Hasting Ranch Area (updated 6:50PM)

I got first notice of the fire about an hour ago when my wife called from Sears in Pasadena.  When I went out for some grocery for dinner and I spotted smoke above the Sierra Madre/Upper Pasadena area.

 The fire is within 3-4 blocks of homes at the top of Michillinda Blvd.  At 4:15 there were 2 helicopters actively dropping water.  2 Fire trucks on scene and about 35-40 firefighters working their way up a steep slope to work on the fire.

 Crowds were gathering.  Police are beginning to block the streets.  You’ll get a good view from LaSalle High at the corner of Michillinda and Sierra Madre and be out of the way of fire fighters and residents trying to get home.

Update 6:50PM.  KCBS reports the fire is extinquished.  2 acres burned.  No homes lost.  Story further reports that people in the area reported seeing two people run from the scene when the fire was first spotted. 

Crime Scene blog reports that Pasadena PD has questioned and is holding 3 minors in custody in connection with the fire.

Pic by me.  More in my flickr “Upper Hastings Fire” set.