Archiving Angeles (AA): The Paramount


Born the Grauman’s Metropolitan, it was once the largest movie theater in all of Los Angeles. It had one of the largest balconies ever built. Within 40 years, it would be leveled to make way for a parking lot.

It was the Paramount. It’s location at Sixth and Hill was unmistakable until the very end.

The year was 1960.

Photo from USC Libraries Digital Archive

2 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): The Paramount”

  1. Great find! Judging from the neon, I imagine it was a sight to see in the evening.

  2. Hey, not to flood the ramparts, just to share a resource I’m aware of, all in that web-friendly way of things.

    The Library of Congress maintains a set of digitized, online-accessible collections under the mastiff of the American Memory collection — web site at

    A quick search on the phrase “Los Angeles” yields quite a number of hits in their database. I haven’t tried a search on “Hollywood” or any other names of any other local burghs, nor personalities, and not either any local buildings, but such as those and more specific queries would no doubt be feasible onto their database.

    Now, I wonder if Maynard James Keenan is mentioned in there…

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