Volunteer at KCRW August 8-18

img_1010-custom.JPGRadio station KCRW(89.9 FM) is one of L.A.’s treasures.  I first got turned on to KCRW’s  trance program (which may or may not have been Jason Bentley’s Metropolis) during late night drives to and from Long Beach when I was still a visitor here. Since then, I have enjoyed listening to Harry Shearer’s Le Show, Morning Becomes Eclectic, NPR’s This American Life, and much more.  If, like me, you are a KCRW listener and would like to give something back to the station and your community, come volunteer during their pledge drive this August 8 through 18.

This will be my first volunteer stint at KCRW, but if it’s anything like the pledge drives at WAMU in Washington, D.C., it promises to be a fun and rewarding experience.  You’ll interact with other volunteers and passionate KCRW listeners, munch on food donated by area eateries, and help bring in some of those funds that KCRW needs to keep delivering its quality programming.

The KCRW pledge drive will be held at the station’s studios on the campus of Santa Monica College.  Here’s the sign-up page one more time.

And no, I’m not affiliated with KCRW.  I just want to help!

5 thoughts on “Volunteer at KCRW August 8-18”

  1. I’ve been a dedicated KCRW listener/member for years. I don’t know why, but I’ve never volunteered for the pledge drive. It has always sounded like fun, though, so I think I’ll make this my first volunteer year, too. Thanks!

  2. My old employer used to host a pledge night for KCET. Met some really interesting people, twas interviewed a few times while doing it. Overall a lot of fun in between the frantic on camera call sessions.

    It is without a doubt an experience I’ll always have fond memories of.

  3. Yikes! That’s worse than dyslexia. Thanks for catching the typo. Updated and fixed.

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