Bully’s in the Bird Bath

It’s the “where does a 500 lb gorilla sit syndrome” all over again.  The hawks have adopted my bird bath as their personal watering hole.  All the finches, sparrows, mountain jays and hummers disappear for the hour or so they soak their tootsies every morning.  Most days they fly away faster than I can get the front door open to snap a pic.  They must have had a very good breakfast this morning as they took their sweet time watching me before they flew away this morning.

Pic by me.  More in my flickr “urban critters” set.

7 thoughts on “Bully’s in the Bird Bath”

  1. I have to agree it is something to see those beauties up close. A rarity and am lucky they keep coming back every year and set up housekeeping and raise their young. Definitely really cool. I can handle the few months the songbirds leave in exchange for their visits.

  2. Great photos!
    I am not a bird expert, but I think you may have a pair of Peregrine falcons. The other birds leave cause they don’t want to be lunch.

  3. Kevin, you are correct about the other birds leaving for fear of being a meal. It is amazing to watch them hunt and snag birds in mid-flight.

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