Won’t eat prunes again!

British rockers, The Who are playing a private show at the Orpheum to promote the coming of Mark and Steve’s new favorite game; Rock Band 2! Also, you can download a Best of the Who song pack for Rock Band right now!

From Reuters:

The party and concert, organized by the game’s developer Harmonix Music Systems and publisher MTV Games, will take place at the 82-year-old Orpheum Theatre, which holds about 2,000 people.

The Who’s 1971 anthem “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is among the 58 tracks on the set list of “Rock Band,” which was released to great acclaim late last year.

UPDATE 7/17/2008: Brian Crecente, from awesome gaming site, Kotaku, attended the concert and posted lots of pictures, impressions and even some videos here!

From his article:

Later Townshend said that everyone should buy their children the new Aerosmith Guitar Hero bundle, then a second later added, oh, that’s the other one.


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