Travis Keller at the Roosevelt

Several of the folks here have spent many words singing the praises of DJ Travis Keller (including himself I might add since he used to write with us) and it seems that Los Angeles just can’t get enough of the rock he keeps serving up. In addition to all kinds of other gigs around town, he’s now DJing on Wednesdays at the Roosevelt Hotel’s Topicana Pool Bar in Hollywood. I wasn’t there last week, but the reports I heard was that “it went off” so you know you don’t want to miss it tonight. I mean come on, there’s a pool and there’s rock and roll, and it’s at night. What else do you really need? Oh yeah, alcohol, well they have that too. Tonight he’ll be joined by friends Troy Boy (Buddyhead) + Jeordie White AKA Twiggy Ramirez (NIN, Marilyn Manson, APC, Oasis).  Here’s a link to the event details on Facebook, and if you can’t get to that just go to the damn hotel later tonight and follow the crowds.