10 thoughts on “These little piggies are doing what!?”

  1. This has been up for nearly two hours and there hasn’t been any mention of the word “pork”?

    Oh, Metblogs.

  2. “Pork the one you love?”

    I think Doran is correct…in the 7 southern states “Buggery” is a big no-no, though enforcement must be tough.

  3. Why are there pigs and a jester? I’m totally creeped out by the leering look on the face of the pig that is doing the…corkscrew insert. He looks like he’s about to squeal.

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  5. Open casting call for “Pig-Stys Wide Shut” please wear danish shoes if you have them available.

  6. Looking at the FuzzyCo resources, it appears that they are disembarked in a vehicle of train type, such that has superstar Michael Jordan riding in it.

    I think that the poor blue pig has just recently noticed a financially catastrophic crash of his stock dividends, and his friend Ms. Yellow Pig is kindly assisting in his untimely demise.

    Oh, wait, it’s a kids story…..

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