Storm the Bastille


I’d heard there was going to be some protesting over at City Hall yesterday so on lunch break from Jury Duty I took a walk over to see what was up. Unfortunately was a saw seemed to be a bunch of older white folks talking about how “gang violence” and “bad schools” are ruining Los Angeles and patting each other on the back when they all suggested they should get rid of those things. Nice work people. I was lucky enough to see a brief announcement by Stephen and Enci Box who were joined by Alex Thompson who talked for a moment about biking in LA and got a good number more signatures on the Cyclists Bill of Rights. Then I had to get back to court. More photos here.

3 thoughts on “Storm the Bastille”

  1. Jury Duty…LA Superior or District Court? My wife is doing duty today at District Court. Just curious.

    So was that like the “Screamers corner” soapbox meeting or what? At least some signatures got going on the bike rights.

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