*Shoot City Hall and get a prize

shotgunshells1.jpg*shoot with a camera, now put yer gun away pal!

The guys over at the Foothill City Blog are running a contest.  Simple rule, shoot a picture of ANY LA Metro or So Cal city hall, or part thereof in the final image.  Enter it in a contest for nifty prizes.  Full rules, judge list and prizes at their “Take a shot at city hall” post that ran earlier today.

Be creative, have fun with it.  How you do it is wide open to interpretation.  When done upload your favorite three to the FCBlog Flickr Group tagged “cityhallcontest”. Flickr is the preferred method of entry.  If you are one of the three in LA who don’t flickr you can send your jpeg’s via email to [email protected] as a last resort.

There will be a prize for the worst photo submitted to the contest.  Could be a nice way to clear out the old recycle bin while you are at it.  The lucky winner in this category will get a coveted “mistakes will be made” t-shirt from the Proctor for Mayor collection.  Competition is tough for this one as cass71898 has already set her eyes on winning it for itself.  (You’d think since I volunteered to help with the judging they could just give me the shirt, but NOooo, I gotta pay the full 18.99 +tax and shipping like every other schmoe).

Spent Shells” used with the permission of the ever popular Ruth666 from her Flickr Photostream.

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