Nobody Likes the Angels

angela.jpgFact: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are the least favorite Major League Baseball team in America.

This is according to a newly-released Harris poll, which finds the Halos coming in just above the Toronto Blue Jays. A Canadian baseball team, eh? This is a pathetic result, considering the size of this market and the expendable income of the team’s bleach blond fan base. Although, I still can’t find Los Angeles of Anaheim in my Thomas Guide. (Is that the page that came out when I was hauling ass to an audition? How will I ever find Santa Monica again? Damn you, 405!)

Anyhoo… Feeling warm and fuzzy from watching former Ray Josh Hamilton crush the ball at last night’s Home Run Derby, I decided to help the Angels with their image problem. For this task, we need bold, new ideas. We need to think outside the A.

5 Simple Ways to Make the Angels More Popular:

1. Move the team to a real, fake city. Like Hollywood.

2. Rotate celebrity managers. Imagine a lineup penciled in by Ashton Kutcher.

3. Host an all-you-can pump Gas Night, with something crazy, like $3.99 a gallon!

4. Topless tailgating bacon-wrapped hot dog cook-offs.

5. Swim-up bleacher seats with full bar service. Upper deck margaritas, son.

Feel free to add your own suggestions to help America’s most unloved baseball team. The poor bastards.

8 thoughts on “Nobody Likes the Angels”

  1. Ya know, it might have to do with the fact the team can’t figure out where they’re from. Los Angeles Angels..California Angels..Angels of Anaheim..Anaheim Angels…Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

    Pick a fan base and stay there.

    They’re the LA Clippers of Major League Baseball – in terms of how it’s always LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS and the MTA busses don’t even have a thing for their screen for “Go Clippers”.

  2. P.S. I’m trying to find out where my beloved Phillies are on the list.

    Ahh moved up from number 18 to number 6. Looks like a lot of bandwagon Ryan Howard and Chase Utley fans from other places than Philadelphia.

    Like when I moved out here in 2000 and you saw NOBODY in Phillies and Eagles gear..and if you did, they were from Philly like me or had some I see more and more Phillies & Eagles stuff and most people wearing it, I’ll ask – and they’re not from Philly. Not that there’s a rule that you have to cheer for the home team but – sickening how fair-weather LA fans are!!!!!

    Funny how Dodgers are right about the Fightin Phils in the poll!

    – AP

  3. My boys would beg to differ, we are LA County and they are rabid Angels fans. As a result we go to more Angels Games than Dodgers games. I really think they need to be the Angels of Anaheim and get it over with already. Few in LA care and it would mean a lot more to Anaheim and the OC to make the name change.

    Some trivia for you. In the Northridge EQ of ’94 only one of the “A”‘s was undamaged. IT was the one designed by my uncle, Dan VanDorpe, founding partner of VanDorpe Chou and Associates in Anaheim. (Told ya’ll I have some deep ties in the OC.)

  4. Although originally the Los Angeles Angels, growing up in Orange County, they were and will always be the “California Angel’s” to me.

    What I am curious is why they are the least favorite. Please don’t blame us for the “Disney Era” and the “Angel’s in the Outfield ” uniforms.

  5. In Toronto in 1992 and 1993 the Jays were the bee’s knees, now second-to-last? I’m off baseball since the strike in 1994 when the Montreal Expos were in first place and would’ve played in the World Series that year I just bet, eh?

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