Win Wolf Parade Tix!

wolfie.jpgQuirky, clever & ingenuitive, Wolf Parade are bringin’ their swingin’ show to the Fonda for two nights: Friday the 18th & Saturday the 19th! Opened for by Listening Party, the Parade o’ Wolves are sure to kick (bite?) ass. You wanna go? Sure you do! Win your tickets by entering, in the comments below, your favorite appearance of “wolves” in pop culture. I’m a particular fan of the Mod Wolves in The Mighty Boosh. You?

Be sure to leave me your email so I can contact you iffen’ you win. It’s really easy to win, actually: I usually don’t have a slew of entrants, so your chances of winning are quite swell, eps. if you’re clever and witty ‘n’ stuff. I cannot be bribed, but charm will get you everywhere.

7 thoughts on “Win Wolf Parade Tix!”

  1. The only thing that comes to mind is the song Canis Lupus by the Aquabats. DOES LATIN DISQUALIFY ME?

    zniwde at gmail dot com

  2. well i automatically think of childrens’ stories like Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Pigs. I think its RAD that now its linked to indie rock (wolf parade, wolf eyes, sea wolf,) as if it’s a reference to the kid in all of us

  3. Wolf Blitzer

    kedrowss at yahoo dot com

    (PS: I know I’m a beggar being a chooser, but if my lame answer actually wins, I could only go to the Friday one)

  4. Oh I’ll go with The Ginger Snaps movies. Werewolves, highschool girls and puberty…

    “The Don’t Call It The Curse For Nothing..”

    Aside from that I think I should win because I was SO EXCITED to see them last week that I walked to The Fonda last Sat night. Strange enough I walked about 2 miles only to find the place surrounded by girls dressed like fairies! It was a “Fantasy Masquerade Ball” and Wolf Parade was the following Sat. Go me!

    KGFitfull at gmail dotcom

  5. “Teen Wolf” and “Teen Wolf Too”
    Much love for Alex P. Keaton and Michael Bluth.

    dogstoevski at gmail dotcom


  6. i’m pretty sure duran duran owns the greatest reference to wolves in pop culture with “hungry like the wolf.”

    sample lyrics included for the pleasure of all…

    “Burning the ground I break from the crowd
    Im on the hunt Im after you
    I smell like I sound, Im lost and Im found
    And Im hungry like the wolf
    Strut on a line, its discord and rhyme
    Im on the hunt Im after you
    Mouth is alive with juices like wine
    And Im hungry like the wolf”

    snakevs.tiger at sbcglobal dot net

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