Party on “Suicide Bridge” Saturday Night

suicidebridge-copy.jpgJuly 19, 2008 6PM – 11PM – get your tickets now!

A big deal event for us in Far East LA is the Pasadena Bridge Party sponsored by the Pasadena Heritage group.  The “Celebration on the Colorado Street Bridge” is an annual event where they block off the bridge and turn it into a big party for one evening.  This is a cheap family event with the proceeds going to preserve and maintain the bridge.  Get your tickets now and save a couple of bucks at their link HERE.

There is a variety of music, old cars and kids activities.  There is also a lot of no host food and drink along the way.  Added bonus is you get some incredible views of the Arroyo and LA!

You’ll find me staggering between Robin’s Ribs and Craftsman’s Brewery’s tents.

Picture courtesy of Herman Au from his flickr web.  More of his work at Herman Au Photography as well.

5 thoughts on “Party on “Suicide Bridge” Saturday Night”

  1. I just recently called it “suicide bridge” to someone who had never seen it before. I told them everyone called it that, but I began to doubt myself. Thanks for helping me still feel knowledgeable.

  2. So let me get this straight. It’s a bridge. A high bridge. They throw a party on the bridge. With alcohol. Why does that sound like a fatal accident — and lawsuit — waiting to happen?

  3. Dave, I never knew it by any other name. My father-in-law has always used that name, he says it got the name because so many jumped during Black Friday that triggered the name.

    And Matt, never heard of a suit out of it yet and I’ve been doing this event whenever I’m in town for a few years now. A lot of fun.

  4. it’s got a pretty high fence on it. it would take real effort to get over. if someone tried to scale it it’d not only be easy to see, but easy to wrestle them down before they got to the top. of course, i don’t know of many people who go to street fairs with suicidal intent, soooo…

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