Knitting Class: Making Socks on the Magic Loop

(non-knitters may yawn and scroll to the next post)

What’s the logical next step after knitting dozens and dozens of pairs of socks? Why teaching a class in it, of course!

Just about every time I’m in a yarn store (don’t ask) I am approached by far more accomplished knitters who tell me they’re completely intimidated and too scared to try the Magic Loop. To that I say, “PIFFLE!”

Benefit from my OCD: Let me teach you how to make socks (and other stuff) using the super-easy Magic Loop technique.
If you can knit and purl you’re good to go – I’ve addressed every stage of the sock and I’m ready to show you how easy it is.

Class is Saturday, August 2, from 11-2

at The Little Knittery
3041 Glendale Blvd
(in Atwater, right near the 76 station)

Cost is $40 and doesn’t include materials (but Julie offers a discount). Give a call or send email ([email protected]) to reserve your spot.

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