iPhone Line-Waiter Calls KTLA’s Eric Spillman a Jackass on Air


I’m loving this video of a man (who is either Jeff Voris of the Comic Art Collective or his twin brother) waiting in line for an iPhone at the Apple Store in Burbank responding pointedly to KTLA’s Eric Spillman’s circa-80’s-mentality questions about things like whether Jeff’s ever seen a woman naked. Given the nature of LA’s morning news, I suppose it should come as no surprise, but I’m amazed that this mindset manages to keep a hold on so many people.

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11 thoughts on “iPhone Line-Waiter Calls KTLA’s Eric Spillman a Jackass on Air”

  1. Is there such thing as a video dictionary? If so, file this clip under the defintion of “pwned.”

  2. Sophmoric reporting aside, Jeff Voris needs to have a sense of humor and save his irritation for when he can’t get his iPhone activated. Unless, of course, he’s had problems as an early adopter before, in which case he should have a sit down interview with Spillman with even more cliched nerd questions.

  3. I agree with Markland. Make it a guy with a dog puppet cracking wise with Star Wars geeks instead of iPhone geeks, and suddenly it’s high comedy.

  4. Question – Is resisting playing along with moron reporters a form of civil disobedience? I’m not saying it is, just asking what you fine folks think.

  5. “Is resisting playing along with moron reporters a form of civil disobedience?”

    Only if spreads your own message or makes their footage useless. Jeff just comes across as annoyed, and while Eric looks dumb, this has been great exposure for the KTLA morning show.

  6. I used to work at the temple where Spillman is a member, and I must disagree with the person in line, he is not a jackass. No, he is a world class pompous jackass for second rate morning show on a channel that is barely a network. Spillman thinks he knows everything, but he mostly just talks out of his ass.

  7. Well, speaking of iPhone I found this video of Steve Jobs unveiling the new iPhone 3G with the side-by-side video “How do you Compare”: Steve Jobs v. Bill Gates with their big ticket tech toys.(new iPhone and xbox 360} in clash/tech/Iphone.

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