Go See Harold – this week only

Here’s your chance to see a really funny movie, playing for one week only is Santa Monica (and also in NYC but that’s not my beat).

HAROLD, starring Spencer Breslin, Cuba Gooding Jr., with Ally Sheedy, Chris Parnell, Colin Quinn, Fred Willard, Rachel Dratch, and Lou Wagner.

Opened last weekend (but I was too busy to write). Harold is playing at Laemmle Monica 4-plex in Santa Monica, which is at 1332 2nd St in Santa Monica.

It’s a great little movie, made by a friend of mine, and it’s really worth seeing. But it’s a one-week run, open to be extended based on attendance.

So go!

2 thoughts on “Go See Harold – this week only”

  1. Thank you for the heads up. Saw the preview off of Apple’s site and wanted to catch it so this one will be a must go and see NOW. As I know it is not heading off to the $3.00 theater any time soon.

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