Weekend Bullets: Get a job!

craigsjobs.jpg–> L.A. is among the ten worst cities for unemployment benefits.

–> If you applied for the entry level gig at the production company where Assistant Atlas works, you probably didn’t get the job… here’s some of the reasons why.

–> New to my blogroll: The Hollywood Temp Diaries dishes the dirt on the perks of temping,  the cost of living in “temp time,” and a brief guide to becoming a temp, not to mention a directory in entertainment industry focused temp agencies in Los Angeles.

–> Speaking of temping, if you’ve just been assigned to a temp gig with a nightmare boss, check to see if The Slack Mistress may have left a “File 666” on the computer to help you survive.

–> That help wanted ad for a server at the hep new Culver City restaurant promising “High Volume” and “High Tips?” Eater L.A. farts in their general direction.

–> Now hiring (via CraigsList): Female athletes with muscular legspiano movers; non-flakey dog walkers; “mock” studentsAsian egg donors; Jewish egg donor; and anonymous sperm donors.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Bullets: Get a job!”

  1. I have to admit to reading craigslist for its entertainment value. The “best of” section just cracks me up, unscripted Jerry Springer rants, tales and OMG’s all over the place.

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