Generic Dessert Place Spotted


Remember the awesome Generic Groceries of the 80’s — Plain wrap, White Label, etc? I thought that fad was long gone but then saw a store in the Marina this past week that harkened back to those carefree days. Join me after the jump for what it was.

There it is in all it’s plain wrap glory.


Something about the font and the color just holler generic to me.  I wonder how many people sat in a room deciding on a name for this franchise.  “We don’t want it to be too fancy and we want to make sure the customer is clear about what the counter is made of.”

For a real blast to the generic product past, click here for a great retro photo.

(Generic Cola image by RelyAble, found on wikipedia and is free for all.)

7 thoughts on “Generic Dessert Place Spotted”

  1. I’ve vegan, so I don’t really care two poops about this place, but it is actually, from what I understand, a really successful chain. They mix up your additions (M&Ms, Oreos, etc.,.) to your icecream on a marble slab. That’s the gimmick.

  2. Interesting idea but hasn’t “Cold Stone Creamery” been doing that for years?

    It will be interesting to see how this develops.

    It was a nice reminder of the past. My favorite while in college and money was tight “BEER”. I think it was Blatz in my neck of the woods. Regardless at 4.99/case it was a deal

  3. It’s a pricey place that obviously copied the name (and product) as closely as it could from Cold Stone Creamery, the way Kiwiberry and others copied Pinkberry. I agree, though, that Marble Slab’s copy job was especially non-creative. There’s a Kinko’s just a few doors down. Perhaps the Marble Slab folks would have done well to stop in and get some copying advice.

  4. actually marble slab has been around longer than cold stone.
    odd sign though, since they have a real logo and everything.

  5. Is Marble Slab’s ice cream as disgusting and additive-laden as Cold Stone’s?

  6. Mr Hooks, couldn’t tell you as I patronize neither. The whole Slapping of ice cream onto the counter makes me a little ill, cold slab or not.

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