The heat is on!

Driving by the Beverly Hills Police Department this morning, the Mark and Steve surveillance system picked up something very odd… you know those statues of owls people put up to scare birds away so the birds don’t poop everywhere? Well, it seems the BHPD have adopted a similar tactic and have created these decoy police cars to frighten and dissuade common criminals, speed demons and any other non-law-abiders… they are a cowardly and superstitious lot, are they not?

Our question to you is, do you think it really works? Sure, a statue might fool our feathered friends, but have any of you ever mistakenly asked a mannequin how it got those rock-hard abs? Would a clearly fake police car with some eerie stickers on the windows make you think twice about gunning it on a yellow?

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7 thoughts on “The heat is on!”

  1. Oh puhleeeze that is so lame. In my little corner here in far east LA MPD has done that trick for 14 years. No one pays attention to it. Well at least much. Us local know the fake car is there for one week then on the 8th day they show up with radar guns and nab everyone over the limit on the “Foothill 500”.

  2. Is that towing equipment attached to the front of the car? Hmm, kind of a dead giveaway that the thing is ersatzified. Did this car come from the props warehouse at one of the studios? Maybe the one that made The Blues Brothers?

  3. This is a resident that lives in the area over there. He and his elderly father abhor speeders in their neighborhood. They were cited for a laundry list of things for this vehicle long ago. They went to court and the Commissioner told them to lose the light bar because only real emergency vehicles were allowed to have them. I saw the photos then and it is the same car. Frazgo knows how I know this was in court. Hi Frazgo.

  4. So, the police confiscated the fake car from a private citizen and are now proudly displaying it parked it right in front of on of the most famous police stations in the world facing Santa Monica, one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles?

  5. Hey Bruinfan53…you followed me here too! Yup he knows what he speaks of, he has some pretty deep connections deep in the bowels of the jurist branch of the govt.

  6. They take it to the BHPD to verify if it is not breaking any laws. These guys are wing nuts. I had to talk to them years ago. The son is pretty eccentric and the father just goes along with it. The father is elderly and loves go outside and yell at speeders. These two are entertaining if not hilarious. BHPD just lets therm do their thing. The vehicle is not driven on city streets, they tow it and just park it at the area where the speeders are the worst. BHPD finally decided to quit fighting with them after the trial.

  7. Put your minds at ease. I hear that the BHPD has gone sensible…trying to save gas money while nabbing a few clueless speeders and red light runners…two birds with one stone, more power to’em. Although I guess they could have parked the thing around back.

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