Are the Workers at Tito’s Tacos Mean, Lazy, or Racist?

‘Cause I’m running out of other reasons for why they didn’t serve me the last time I went there.  Tito’s, located at the corner of Washington Place and Sepulveda Blvd. in Culver City, is regarded as having some of the best fast Mexican food in Los Angeles.  I have gone there a bunch of times.  The tacos are pretty good and pretty cheap.

Outside, there are typically at least a dozen customers waiting in line.


Inside, there are two more lines. 

The last time I went to Tito’s, it was a quiet time of the day both inside and out.  I went inside, and there were only a few people in line.  I got to the front of one line, and stood there.  And stood there some more.  During this time, I saw at least two people walk in, get on the other line, and get served.   The cooking and serving crew didn’t seem very busy, and a few of them were even joking with the man working the cash register.  They looked over toward me.

Still unserved, I asked, “what’s going on?”  A woman behind the counter pointed to another employee and said that she would help me shortly.  I waited several more minutes, but to no avail. Finally, I left.  I have not ordered from Tito’s since.

I can’t explain why Tito’s did not serve me, nor could they.  Unless I can think of a good plausible reason, I won’t be going back.  Meanwhile, I hear that, a bit farther to the east, King Taco kicks ass. Plus, it’s not like Tito’s Tacos have gold or crack in them.

12 thoughts on “Are the Workers at Tito’s Tacos Mean, Lazy, or Racist?”

  1. DK what to tell you, I’ve never had a problem there, but then I go during off peak times as the lines get insane as you well pointed out.

  2. My guess is that you were wearing your Border Patrol hat or your ICE T-shirt.

  3. I’ve never ate there, but I can still assure you that you’d do much better eating at King Taco. Though if you go to the one in East LA (on 3rd St.) you might have to deal with similar lines.

  4. I wouldn’t take it personally. In the last few times I’ve been there, the service tended to be a bit slow and surly. Maybe they’re just not making an exception for you. I love their beef burrito with a side of rice. Definitely a once every few months order unless I want to add a few hundred pounds.

  5. Are you sure it wasn’t you being racist thinking they were being racist because they were busy?

    Also Tito’s is just ok. They need to put more grease in their food.

  6. Dave, as I wrote in the post, they weren’t busy. And I’m not sure if they were being racist. I charitably have left open the possibility that they were being lazy or mean instead. I agree with you that the food’s just ok, which is another reason why I haven’t rushed back. As Wonderama suggests, that might be a good idea in any event.

  7. It is not racist or lazy or anything like that. Tito’s workers service only 1 line. If you are not in their designated line, then they will not service you. I don’t know where your line workers were at the time, but if your line was open and it sounds like it was, someone working your line would have got to you eventually. However, other line workers do not step in to service a different line when no one appears to be servicing it.

  8. la3541, “someone working your line would have got to you eventually.” My problem is with their definition of “eventually.” I was there for a long time. Even assuming that (1) there was only 1 person to service my line, and (2) that person was too busy to serve me (which I don’t believe, since I was the only one on my line and she wasn’t serving anyone else), I refuse to make that my problem. If they have such a rigid form of line service whereby they can’t help each other out, even when customers are waiting too long during a non-busy period, that is no longer my issue, since the food isn’t that amazing and there are many other competing eateries. You’ve further convinced me not to return.

  9. I have been in that exact same situation before at Tito’s and yes it is very annoying. Who is in charge of watching the lines to make sure that doesn’t happen? The cashier guy in the middle?

    Anyway, I love their food, especially their tacos and enchiladas and am willing to sometimes suffer a little for it. I have been to Titos many times and have had bad service only a few times.

    I also recommend Tacos por Favor at 14th/olympic in santa monica.

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