What you need to live happily here

smog.jpgThanks to the heat and the fires, the Valley air has been pretty chewy this week. I’d go so far as to say that if there were some sort of oxygen equivalent to Turkish coffee, that’s what we were breathing in Chatsworth yesterday. SFV is a giant bowl of pollution right now. The air quality people are calling it “unhealthy for sensitive people.” The rest of you callous folks can breathe with impunity it seems. So today at lunch, we forewent the usual topics of traffic and television shows and found ourselves talking about allergy medicines (while the issue is largely pollution not allergans per se, we’re still talking about toxin-filled air). Coworker A has recently obtained steroid nose spray. Coworker B uses a different steroid nose spray. For my part, I’ve sampled them both but favor one of the over-the-counter antihistamines. And we have all explored the virtues of “D or no D” Claritin with greater or lesser success.

All of which led me to the conclusion that to live happily in the Valley you need two things: a reliable car and the proper allergy medication. Everything else is gravy.

(Dr Tran!‘s view of the smog back in January used through a Creative Commons license.)

7 thoughts on “What you need to live happily here”

  1. Yes, oxygen is fundamental, I always say–moreso than reading even. And yes, Jodi, I broke out the albuterol this week for the first time in years. Cough. Cough.

  2. The other day I had the sneezy, dry throat and stuff and thought for a minute…damn a summer flu? Turns out it was just brown air. It has been so many years I just forgot what an unhealty air alert was. Even with the Sierra Madre fire a few weeks back it wasn’t that bad around here.

  3. Um, this is a no-brainer.

    While the OP says you need a car and various drugs to be happy and live in the valley…

    the real solution is to ditch the car, and use the savings to pay a slight premium to live where the air is relatively breathable, and you can walk to everything.

    most people seem to end up living in the valley because they get greedy for a house. your health should come first.

  4. Metroman: It’s a no brainer if you don’t work in Chatsworth. If I ditched my car and moved to Silverlake or downtown, it would take me about three years to get to work every day. And I work for a nonprofit, so I rent. But hey, maybe your assumptions will be right the next time you comment.

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