14 thoughts on “Vote Xeni!”

  1. I wish I could, the company blocks the PC’s from “those” sites,
    ahh the bastards.

  2. No, Fraz, when I mean vanilla, I mean white. Sorry. But aren’t there a ton of girl bloggers out there of all colors and creeds?

  3. Voted against Xeni as well. I’m sorry, but pushing yourself as some paragon of new-media journalism while defending your right to “unpublish” mention of someone else because of a spat is hypocritical, to say the least.

    Also, they state that the winner gets to be asked to pose for Playboy. I don’t think she’d be the type of gal that would do that (don’t know of any important journalist that does, but I could be wrong) and personally, I wouldn’t want to see it either.

  4. Xeni was an original Metblogger. Violet is still on the rolls as an SF Metblogger.
    I have pretty strong feelings about the whole deletion thing, but there are other bloggers who I have even larger issues with and I still think they’re pretty awesome. I’d name names, but whenever I do this I get threads dedicated to me calling me an idiot and a liar.
    Anyway, Xeni and Violet are definitely the hottest of the gorgeous ladies on that list, regardless of Metblog association.

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