Gimme A Sign: The Bikeway Closeth

Upon entering the Ballona Creek Bikeway this morning I was surprised to find signage being installed indicating its impending closure for construction — and just in time for summer! — until February 2009.


So just a heads-up to anyone who rides this route: the bikeway will be purportedly off limits between Duquesne Street in Culver City and its northern terminus by McManus Park at National Boulevard.

4 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign: The Bikeway Closeth”

  1. I don’t go north of there anyway because of all the bumps in the path — hopefully they are fixing those! I wish I knew who to contact to find out. I thought I say a sign at the Duquesne entrance that the entrance would be closed until Feb 2009 — is this not what the sign said, or am I going nuts (the sign I saw was not the one pictured, but it’s similar).

    Also, what’s with that little foot gate in the Duquesne exit/entrance. It seems a bit dangerous, but since I know it’s there it’s mostly just really annoying.

  2. Melon, you did see the sign you think you saw. I saw it too after I got to the bottom of the entrance ramp from Duquesne. It’s definitely confusing when the sign I photographed says Duquesne is the only exit, and then the other one says Duquesne exit closed until Feb. 2009.

    As to those little foot gates you mention, I’m with you. In fact I wrote rather snarkily about them here back in October.

  3. a huge chunk of the santa clarita/valencia bike path is closed for the whole summer… yeah, thanks santa clarita. because summer is definitely the worst time to go biking

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