The greening of gangs

I have family visiting from France and my brother-in-law wanted to get some manga. What better place to go than Little Tokyo? After a little relaxing with seriously overpriced beers from Azalea in the Kyoto Grand Hotel‘s awesome garden, we decided to head back to the plaza for some food. At the corner of 2nd St. and San Pedro St., I witnessed what looks like turf-marking in increasingly trendified Little Tokyo.

What ever could this mean? Has the green trend gotten so big that the O.G.s (old greenies, for those of you not quite down) are marking their territory? We already have guerilla gardeners, will we see people inked with recycling symbols next?

5 thoughts on “The greening of gangs”

  1. Oh man, thanks for the link. I had put that at the bottom of the post, but it looks like the last paragraph got dropped.

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