Antonio Tracker: Washington D.C.

antoniotracker1.jpgThe Daily News reports that the future candidate for Governor of California Mayor of Los Angeles is in Washington D.C. today. Antonio Villaraigosa will be introducing Barack Obama to “Latino community and business leaders.”

You have just paid to fly your mayor to another city, to walk up to a microphone and introduce one politician to a group of politicians.

Have a nice day.

8 thoughts on “Antonio Tracker: Washington D.C.”

  1. So we use that to play “Where in the world is Atonio V?”
    Does he get his own TV show? IF so what will happen to Carmen Sandiego?
    So many questions.
    Wouldn’t it easier to just nail his feet down at his desk and make him do his job?

  2. Can anyone point to something that AV has done for Los Angeles? Seriously. There was the lame LAUSD takeover thing – but I can’t think of anything that I can say, “Well, at least he’s done this that’s been good for the city.”

    BTW – Gavin Newsom who is actively considering his gubernatorial run now is a BSL proponent, which should chalk up a mark against him for any responsible pit bull patron.

  3. We still have to pay to transport clones, maybe not as much if we put them in a kennel and check as baggage.

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