Monday Bullets: Here is Your Motivation

  • Girl From the North Country goes to a wrap party, gets touched by Tea Leoni and rocks out with Billy Bob Thornton. Better than the other way around, no?
  • Blogdowntown takes a look at the churches of Downtown L.A., including First Methodist Episcopal at 8th and Hope, which was demolished to make way for… a parking lot.
  • What are you doing for Bastille Day? Caroline on Crack wants you to eat and drink for a good cause at the Foundry on Melrose. All proceeds go to help Billy Walsh, a cook at Craft Restaurant and a waiter at Osteria Latini who was seriously injured recently on his way to work.
  • And say what you will about Tony Pierce, but, the guy can motivate. He’s wondering why you haven’t written lately. “you know who writes when you dont? all the people you hate.” Is it just because he cares? Is it just because he’s drunk? Does it really matter either way? Log in to your stupid little blog and write something already. Today. Do it for the children. Do it for Los Angeles. Do it for Tony.

Photo of the long-gone First Methodist Episcopal from USC Digital Archive

11 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: Here is Your Motivation”

  1. I’m still stalking you, Fraz. Perhaps I’ve just become more stealthy about it.

  2. Hello, Jason Burns.

    Thanks for linking to my blog. Most likely thanks to you, I got more hits today than I’ve ever gotten before. I appreciate that.

    I’m curious to know how you found my blog.

    And another thing, even though I have no fantasies about being touched by Billy Bob Thorton, perhaps I do have fantasies about hearing Tea Leoni’s band play. It’s sick, I know.


  3. You’re welcome, Ann. I probably stumbled upon you in a drunken stupor. Or, maybe I was avoiding work and playing around in Google again. Either way, welcome to L.A.!

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