Remains of the Moving Day

Have you ever said to a friend: I’m going to commemorate my friendship with you in a framed photograph, something that says exactly how I think of us.

One of these kids did:


Alas, it appears that they are friends in frame only. More after the jump.

I came across the photo above while walking down my street over in the Fairfax district yesterday. It’s even sadder in a wide shot. Here’s how I found it:


Do they sell a “Best Friends For Now” frame?

The picture frame reminds me a lot of my relationship with certain aspects of life in Los Angeles. There are things about this city that I thought I’d always love, so much so that I would have bought a Friends Forever frame and taken a picture next to them.

Things like:

The 8 Track Kid and The Powerhouse – Friends Forever


The 8 Track Kid and Aaron’s Records – We’ll Always Be Together


Me and Driving a Car – Best Friends for Life

In time my relationship with these things changed. I grew up, they closed or it just became apparent it was not working out between us.

I’m sure we all have had a person, place or thing in this city that we thought we’d always love, only to leave it behind when we moved on. What are yours?

7 thoughts on “Remains of the Moving Day”

  1. You sure that’s not put there to memorialize a friend who died on that corner? I dunno on the West coast but out East here we see a lot of roadside memorials, particularly where there have been car accidents.

  2. I don’t think so. It’s in the middle of the street in front of a vacant house, the tenants moved out at the end of June. The photo was part of the assorted items left behind at the curb. I’ve lived on the street this was found on for almost a decade and there have been no traffic fatalities on the block in that time.

  3. Largo: So many great, intimate shows. So many memories. I’m bummed you didn’t call and tell me you were moving on. I haven’t brought myself to visit the new, bigger digs yet, but I hopefully will soon so we can reconnect.

  4. @dc_don: Actually earlier in the day it was in the middle of the street, not propped up against the lamppost. Some passerby must have picked it up and put it on the curb. (Clearly that passerby wasn’t me – I respect the symbolism of leaving your “Friends Forever” frame in the street to be run over!)

    If the area is a memorial, it’s commemorated with rusty garbage, empty pizza boxes, and the smell of cat urine.

  5. I recently organized our families’ photos (there was a sale at my favorite fabric store on photo storage boxes and photo albums. Boxes 3 for a $1.00 down from $3.99 each. Albums 3 for $10.00 down from $12.00 each)
    Our photos went from lunch size paper bags to cool boxes and albums. In the process, we decided to get ride of many. Most of the discards were out of focus, or otherwise bad shots taken with pre digital cameras. But a number were photos were of former clients I had from when I was a social worker with homeless kids. I remembered the names of a few of the kids, but most were just nameless faces.
    I have these discards in a box out in a storage shed as I try to decide what to do with them. Can’t put them in the trash, hell these kids (now adults, if they are still alive) were already treated like garbage once, I can’t do that to them again.

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