Vegan Map of LA

Google Maps

Being vegan in any place on the planet Los Angeles, I get asked a lot where to find good vegan food in and around the town. Of course I’ve got my list of favorite stops, and so does everyone else. It’s high time someone started compiling those lists into one big resource, and Steve Cvar is apparently the person to do that. He dropped me a line yesterday about this Google Map he’s putting together with names and locations of vegan and vegetarian locations across the city and notes that it’s open so anyone can add to it. He’s off to a great start already, but I know I’ve got some things to add to it. Maybe you do as well?

3 thoughts on “Vegan Map of LA”

  1. Wow! I’ve been vegan since 1993; this will be a very handy guide! (I could afford to eat out a lot more in ’93 than now, though!)

  2. no way, i went vegan in ’93 also, rad! there are a couple places on there which i haven’t been to, but it started out as just a list of my favorite spots.

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