ICME: Hummer Conundrum

hummerconundrum.jpgConundrum [kuh-nuhn-druhm] — noun — A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma. Anything that puzzles.

I’m puzzled.

Driving west on Santa Monica Blvd. near Century City today I saw the Hummer in the distance. Old school Hummer, the kind you don’t see that often these days, but still, not that out of the ordinary in this neck of the woods. As I got closer I recognized the bumper sticker as one of those “Coexist” stickers. You know the ones.


I fumbled around with my cell phone camera (that’s still legal, right?) and quickly got the shot before he got away because I wasn’t sure I believed it.

Does it makes sense to you?

7 thoughts on “ICME: Hummer Conundrum”

  1. Once made up a bumper sticker sitting in traffic. “Nothing Dummer than a Hummer.” So no, it makes no sense…unless the driver’s hoping to ward off ecowarriors from torching his vehicle, then maybe.

  2. Hummers (the originals) are excellent off road vehicles. Maybe the price of gas has finally driven down the price of the vehicle to the point where hippies can afford them?

  3. Old school hummers are diesel- which, correct me if I’m wrong, is a cleaner, more efficient use of petrol. Who knows- perhaps it’s a biodiesel?

    But I don’t think there’s an immediate contradiction between someone driving a hummer and believing in peaceful respect between the world’s religions.

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