Arcadia PD enlists neighborhoods in controlling speed

nswp_sign.gifArcadia PD has a habit of being innovative.  Arcadia PD has a great blog which I reported a while back HERE.

The have launched a program that works like neighborhood watch for crime, this time for speeders that put a ‘hood at risk.  It is called Neighborhood Speed Watch Program. They train them how to use a radar gun and then they can track and record speeds.  If a pattern of excessive speed is there APD can then step in and increase enforcement through a variety of other means.

3 thoughts on “Arcadia PD enlists neighborhoods in controlling speed”

  1. Thanks for the shout Fraz!

    I disagree Wil. With the amount of requests for enforcement and perceived problems that we receive, there is no way to adequately cover each of them. This gives residents an avenue to participate without any knowledge of who is being reported when the plates are run. No information is shared with the volunteer. The program is also an educational tool. Many times, folks perception of speed is exaggerated. By using the radar, they have a hands on experience and actually compare their perception of speed with actual reads. Sometimes what was thought to be a problem is not really there. By posting the neighborhood where there is participation, it brings a heightened awareness to speeding to all those that see the signs. If we find that directed enforcement is needed, then our presence makes an impact.

    Take a look at the program, you may have a different view. We hope to use this as just another tool in the box to help in the community.

  2. Thanks Tom! I have to agree that giving people the tools to keep their neighborhoods safe and sound only serves to make them a better community in the long run.

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