Mid-Week Round-Up

Washington Boulevard

(Image by Will Campbell and Google)

Wil Wheaton is having a good week. He had the opportunity to work with Seth McFarland. Then he took the time to write a wonderful post about writing and spilled the beans that his work-in-progress is “a noir kinda thing, set in a dystopian future Los Angeles.”

Will Campbell hit a bike-riding milestone and immediately began planning a way to beat it.

Sean Bonner stopped to smell the journey. (Er, or something like that.)

Last week there was a sooper-sekrit Metblogs get-together, which the Slackmistress wrote about. Also at The Slack Daily, the story of a beautiful dog who needs a home.

Girl in the Room has a pretty belly!  She also writes about another labor of love, her husband’s film Half Life.

Girl’s Gone Child wonders what the hell BabyCenter is thinking with their “Your baby is the size of” updates.

The End of Motherhood? is thinking about children’s privacy and how much they’re entitled to from their parents.

Peggy Archer succeeds in grossing me out (not an easy task).

Jane Espenson alerts aspiring TV writers to a new deadline for the Warner Bros Writing Workshop, and shares the good news that they really are just looking for good writing.

Molls…she wrote shares a sweet moment.

And Chez Shoes shares a sample of how much Angelenos can suck.

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