And now, your annual 4th of July travel nightmare at LAX

According to the Times, a man claiming he was a terrorist told police at LAX this morning that he had a bomb, and was going to use it to blow shit up. There was massive gridlock while the police investigated.

The upper- and lower-level roads were immediately shut down after the man made the threat outside the Tom Bradley International Terminal, authorities said. Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad officials are examining a black bag the man was carrying.

The FBI says the suspect was arrested, and they’re checking out his backpack . . . but get this: an LAX spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm that it was, in fact, a backpack. OMG CONSPIRACY! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

LAist has pictures, and an eyewitness report that everything is back to normal at the airport, which, of course, means massive gridlock.

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