Supergrass Launches New British Invasion of Los Angeles

If, like me, you are addicted to 90’s Britpop, then you’ll be very excited to hear that one of the icons of the Britpop movement, Supergrass, is coming to the Avalon Theater on July 12.  I tried to get you some free tickets for a contest giveaway, but alas, the Avalon promotion folks dropped the ball, or, more accurately, they never took the handoff. Too bad, we all have to pay.

Supergrass is still cranking out music, and they released a new album, “Diamond Hoo Ha,” earlier this year, but I will always associate them with 1990’s England.  To get you in the mood, here’s a YouTube video of Supergrass’ first big hit, “Alright.”  “We are young, we run green,” they sing.  Weren’t we all?

Photo by Matt Mason.