Jump kick the 4th with Adams and Jefferson in LA


Meet Pete Handelman.  Actor, comedian, sports blogger and video blogger.  He loves LA.   He is here by choice and not leaving anytime soon.  A New Yorker by birth he has been here since the early 70’s except for a 6 year sting in Boston.  The latter has given him a perverse adoration of the Celtics that I’ll explain a bit later.

For more of his videos and stuff with a short interview you have to make the jump.

So tell me a little about you…

I am an actor and comic in Los Angeles where I make comedic videos, many of them parodies of celebrities or television personalities.  In most of my shorts, I play all the characters.

fraz: Are you a Boston or LA native?  If neither, where you from?

PH: I have lived in LA from 1975 to 1982 and from 1989 to present. I’m from New York originally, but lived in Boston for 6 years when I made the Boston short in 88.

fraz: Your personal vote Lakers or Celtics?

PH: I’m a huge Lakers fan but I also love the Boston Red Sox. New Yorkers cant understand why I root for the Sox instead of the Yanks, but my time in Boston did strange things to my sports team allegiances.I had predicted the Lakers in 6, but the purple and gold were vanquished in 6 yesterday. This year was the first time in 20 years the Lakers and Celtics squared off in the post season, so the sister city Q&As two decades apart was my theme for the shorts. I went Downtown in both cities during lunch hour for the interviews.

I LOVE your hawk pictures!

I live in Village Green, a National Historic Landmark that has 64 acres of mature trees – and hawks nest every year in a nearby  Sycamore. I watch the (smaller) male pick the feathers off prey on a nearby “feeding block” of a Chinese Elm, then the mother (larger) takes over and brings the victim back to the nest.

Do you get a nest in your yard every year? I am so jealous. (Yes I do…8 years running eat your heart out).

Pete’s Hawk pic (used with permission)


Back to his videos on the Celtics and Lakers.  In 1998 he did a man in the street interview in Boston regarding the Celtic vs Lakers face off that year.  Flash forward 20 years.  2008 he is in LA asking Angeleno’s the outcome of the Celtic vs Lakers match.   The non-sequiturs and local references spice it up a bit. 



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