Found on Road Alive: BMW Z1 (never sold here)

BMW ZABehold the BMW Z1.  A sports car about the size of the original Miata.  It was made and sold in Europe and other markets from 1987-1991.  It shared the underpinnings with the 3 series of that era.  Info I got was that this car was not sold in the US.

This particular car caught our eyes first when we couldn’t see doors on it.  Closer inspection and the boys and their friends freaked out as they dropped down into the door sill.  Wow…pretty nifty alright.  Of course I suspect that might have been the reason why it didn’t make it to this country.

At first I have to admit I was puzzled as to what kind of car it was.  When we got close we could see the traditional BMW badge and trademark double kidney grill.  Walking around it was obvious it never came here.  It even had a “UK Sports Car Club” sticker in the windshield.  A quick google search yielded this tidbit and a basis for the rest of the info I just gave you.

Pic by me from the trusty cell phone cam.  A couple more after the jump. 

3 thoughts on “Found on Road Alive: BMW Z1 (never sold here)”

  1. Wow. Those things are still on the Federal “Do Not Import” list. He must have brought it in under the Bill-Gates-Porsche-959-having “Show and Display” clause, which allows historic, but non-conforming, cars to be registered. But, you can only put 2500 miles on the odometer per year. What a shame.

  2. I have to admit those little loop holes are nice for making it possible to have special cars available for import. The mileage limit,well I don’t know to many collectors of rare cars that use them for daily drivers so I don’t know how much of a burden it is. I’d be more worried about it getting hit parked out in the open and having its value be significantly diminished.

  3. just saw him drive the car by my work at primrose/chestnut. she’s a sexy little number, although in a rollover i’m sure he’d be bummed.

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