Cellphone Car Ban: Day One Compliance Is Go!

Not to beat the deadhorse on this topic, but just for the helluvit on the way in to work (when I wasn’t talking on my cellphone while biking because it’s still totally legal to do that, suckaz) I decided to see how compliant you motorizing angelenos were on the first day of the new No Cellphone To Ear While Driving Ban But For Some Reason Texting Is Oh Fucking Kay Law.

Of the 282 vehicles I tallied along the 14.5 mile route between Silver Lake and Westchester, here’s the breakdown:

  • Drivers with visible headsets: 27
  • Drivers with invisible headsets: Ha!
  • Invisible drivers with visible headsets: OK, I’ll stop.
  • Drivers texting while driving (and looking kinda guilty): 1
  • Drivers talking on phone while pulled over to the side of the road at a complete stop: 1
  • Drivers talking on phone while driving: 0

I’m impressed! The streets looked like it was 1989 this morning! Oh, and bonus Stat:

  • Pedestrians on cellphones: 3

8 thoughts on “Cellphone Car Ban: Day One Compliance Is Go!”

  1. wow, really?

    i definitely saw one person on their phone this morning, and i totally glared at him (aka the back of his head). i think i saw another person getting pulled over for it, too!

  2. On my way to the Metrolink station, I saw one guy driving and talking on his cell, I was walking right in front of the Baldiwn Park police station at the time. I guess he tought it was the 31st of June or something.

  3. The OC must think the laws don’t apply to them because I saw no difference this morning with the number of drivers who had their cell phones attached to their ears.

  4. My buddies in the CHP asssure me that we don’t need a specific law to outlaw texting – that it’s “Driving While Distracted”, and they’ll most certainly give you a ticket for that.

    They say it applies to putting on makeup, shaving, and reading books, too.

    Now if they’d just outlaw “Driving While Stupid.”

  5. Mapnerd you made me laugh, if they did your last suggestion there would be all of 3 of us on the road.

    I’m like OC Maria, the folks in the SGV don’t think it applies to them. Police officers too. Since the law changed I have not seen any change in people using the phone will driving.

    If mine rings, it rings until it rolls to voice mail or I pass it off to my passenger to take the call.

  6. I must say I was quite surprised yesterday at how few people I saw in non-compliance with the new law. I saw two (both speeding) on the 210 as I was heading home from Pasadena to Burbank.

    I saw a woman pulled over by the CHP in front of Disney Studios in the morning.

    In my experience, too many people will only “follow the rules” when it’s personally convenient; I’m predicting that more and more people will return to their old ways as time passes. Hope I’m wrong.

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