Why Join a Gang When You Can Go to the Park?


L.A. will keep its parks open until midnight if you promise not to join a gang. Summer Night Lights is a new city program that runs Wednesday through Saturday, from July 4 through Labor Day. These late hours are meant to keep kids busy with extracurricular activities like kickball so they don’t get bored and start doing bad things. They even have hip hop classes and DJ lessons! Great success!

The question has finally been answered: Kids join gangs because the parks close too early.

Photo of Glassell Park “art” from optionthis’ photostream

5 thoughts on “Why Join a Gang When You Can Go to the Park?”

  1. I saw that in the news this morning and thought what a great idea. I am pretty convinced if you give a kid the chance to put his powers to good not evil he will. Unauthorized graffiti noted.

  2. You better watch it with crazy accusations like that, that Glassell Park Lego Gang is tough as nails. They have a monopoly on “that one piece you need to finish the castle” and rule with an iron fist.

  3. I think this is great for little kids, but what about the older ones? There needs to be some kind of job programs. I guess that would be the fed govt’s dept and we would also have to acknowledge the issue that we are in the middle of a major economic collapse.

    Maybe riots in several cities will help assist the govt with some ideas better ideas that giving everyone $600.

  4. Browne I don’t thing summer jobs would be a Fed issue. That should be local and it is here in my corner of LA.

    We have a summer intern program. It is funded by the city. The Youth Employment Program gives 31 kids a summer job and exposure to the inner workings of admin in the city. It is real jobs and the kids get real opportunities.

    And Browne, its nice to see you back after such a long absence.

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