Monday Bullets: DI-REC-TIVE

  • garbage.jpgMilitant Angeleno continues to blog in the 3rd person, as he discovers newly laid track for the Metro Expo Line. This excites MetBlogs. MetBlogs likes trains. MetBlogs wants to go choo-choo.
  • make. see. eat. do. wants SAG to strike, and strike hard. Damn the man! Today is Rex Manning Day!
  • Franklin Avenue finds an Echo Park devoid of lotus plants, which doesn’t bode well for the upcoming Lotus Festival July 11-13. Experts say that our own garbage is to blame. Where’s WALL-E when you need him?
  • UnHip LA compares our fair city to Chicago, where milkshakes are more important that toilet seat covers in public restrooms. Explosive combination.
  • And Streetsblog wonders if Metro’s rush hour ban for bikes on trains is set to become the next big transportation battleground. Eric Garcetti wants to eliminate the ban and remove some seats on trains to accommodate the growing bike movement. Garcetti for Mayor!

Photo of Echo Park, Before the Exodus, From Franklin Avenue

3 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: DI-REC-TIVE”

  1. I would quite likely support Eric Garcetti running for mayor. In fact, I might support it with volunteer time. Having met him & even having had the pleasure of him performing a song & a narrative history of LA at one of the LA Alternative Press (RIP, dear paper) events, I gotta say, he’s good people.

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