George Carlin and the Falling Flower Arrangement

This story may mean nothing. People who knew George Carlin will be the only ones who can tell.

A couple days ago on my way home from the bank, I was stopped at the intersection of Vine and Selma, where Carlin’s Walk of Fame Star is. There were a handful of flower arrangements left there, including one on a tall stand.

As I waited couple minutes to turn left, I watched as on three seperate occasions the wind knocked over the tall arrangement, and seconds later, a random passerby would stop to make it erect. Mind you, not everyone would pick it up – most people stepped over it, even people who clearly witnessed it fall.

I also noticed that while the arrangement would drop soon after being set up right, it was only after the kind soul who’d picked it up was walking away, their attention forward.

When I  was finally able to make my turn and drive off, I saw the arrangement hit the pavement again. I smirked, not sure if I was pleased by a lightly cruel gag, or the attempts at small niceties by my neighbors.

5 thoughts on “George Carlin and the Falling Flower Arrangement”

  1. The event is beginning. Soon, the flowers will make us want to kill ourselves.

    M. Night warned us this would happen. We did not take heed.

  2. I noticed this when I was walking by it yesterday. I was smirking myself as a guy who looked to be under the influence of something (maybe grief) kept trying to light the candles with an incense stick and right the flowers and stand in the wind.Photo
    I think George is smirking on us also.

  3. You smirking bastards! Smirk away! Guess who’s manning the Pearly Gates while St. Peter is on his bathroom break? It ain’t gonna be “Shining Time Station” for you in the afterlife.

    Wait a minute …

    … George didn’t believe in an afterlife.

    Forget everything I just said.

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