Another purple flower marks June in LA

Lily of the NileJacaranda’s kick off the month with an explosion of purple above our heads.   Agapanthus, aka Lily of the Nile starts its bloom cycle the middle of the month and peaks by the July 4th celebrations.  Most are a wondrous shade of purple.  Their bloom arrives just in time for masking the mess left by the fading Jacaranda.  I wonder what the 99 Cent Chef has up his sleeve to celebrate this one?

The glory of the Agapanthus lies not only in its bloom.  It lies in the fact that this is a plant that likes our wet winters and dry summers. It is drought/heat tolerant making it perfect for our area.  Once in the ground here they naturalize and little is required to keep them going.  Something to consider putting in the garden while replacing thirsty plants that need constant wet to survive. 

Pic by me this morning as I took a little meander through my gardens.  A click will take you to the larger version on flickr.

7 thoughts on “Another purple flower marks June in LA”

  1. Yes! My neighbor’s flowers are all in bloom and I’m a bit jealous. On the other hand, my purple flowers: society garlic and lamb’s ears are also blooming right now, so that compensates.

  2. Hmmm…Will I have no idea what happened. Mine have never skipped a year and I pretty much ignore except to trim off the dried stalks in the fall.

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