Even More “Alternative Transportation on the Freeway” Antics Caught on Video


There’s been plenty of talk around here about bikes on the freeways, but I still insist that a real man takes to the highway on four wheels. Four wheels and a plank, that is!

6 thoughts on “Even More “Alternative Transportation on the Freeway” Antics Caught on Video”

  1. Bikes on freeways rocked because they weren’t hindering anyone.
    This guy was doing it just to show off. Does this make the crazy folks who stop in the middle of crosswalks with their grocery carts “real men?” How ’bout the cranky lady who holds up the cash only express line as she writes a check for her 33 items and bitches that her expired coupons aren’t being accepted?
    Oh, wait, he’s on a skateboard, so its hardcore.

  2. What an idiot, holding up traffic like that. He’s lucky all those morons stopped for his childish antics. I’d have been more than happy to take the lead on this one and gently “nudge” him with my bumper. 99% chance my “officer, seriously, he came out of nowhere” line would have got me off.

  3. I know spencer sometimes you can’t win if you tried any harder.
    I do have to say the non-car stuff on the freeway has past its prime and at least this guy brought something a little different to the table.

  4. Have you read the comments on YouTube? Those kids are pretty impressed.
    Way to go encouraging our youth to do the same, Spencer! When Bromike666 runs over a skatepunk on the 101, the blood will be on your hands/keyboard!

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