Hawk chicks are learning to hunt

2 hawks, 1 mom and 1 babe

Both Hawk chicks have survived and are out and about.  The skill set this week is learning how to hunt.  They have learned the fine art of lizard catching so far. 

The larger of the two has taken to using my birdbath for his own private day spa, much to the dismay of the swallows around here.

The next step in their learning is to hunt larger prey.  Already the parents are getting them primed by catching larger critters and leaving them some place to soften a bit before giving it to the youngins to pick apart.   Today’s “treat” was parrot.  I found remnants of it left in my bird bath, and no I didn’t photo it since some around here get squeamish over nature in action.

The Hawks start their morning before 7AM.  The chicks themselves concentrate their efforts more or less in the 3 yards by me.  The parents fly off and watch from either the power poles or the tall pines 1 block away.  They always end the day across the street from me, the Dad, Mom and chicks.   By dusk they are all back up in their nest. 

Pic by me, more in my urban critter flicker set.

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  1. We have a family of hawks that keeps returning to the grove of eucalyptus behind our house every year–and each year they raise young ‘uns. We too have experienced the “OMG that’s a hawk in my birdbath” phenomenon. Before the hawks moved in, years ago, there was a family of owls who raised owlets there for about five years. The dad we named Puffball, the mama Cheeseball.

    It’s cool to have nature in the middle of suburbia. All it takes is some trees & water.

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