Fine Art reception…free of course tonight

montecitoart.jpgTonight the Montecito Fine Arts College of design is hosting an opening night reception for a show featuring the work of the faculty and staff.  The “Art Off the Canvas” show is presented in conjuntion with the East West Art Association.  The show itself will run June 21 – July 19, 2008.

Of course it being a reception means that not only will you get to enjoy some great art you will also get to take advantage of some great munchies and FREE booze.  (Almost a bottomfeeders post for a date night in my corner of LA).

Montecito Fine Arts arrived in Monrovia last fall.  They appeared at the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts October show and certainly got a lot of attention from us locals.  The work they had to show was definitely among the best I’ve seen.  I certainly am looking forward to the show tonight to see what else they can wow me with at this show.

DETAILS:  Saturday June 21, 2008.  7PM – 11PM.  121 E Huntington Drive,  Monrovia CA 91016.  877-Do-Design (for those of you alpha-phone challenged 877-383-3744).

Directions: 210 Freeway towards Monrovia, Exit Myrtle north to Huntington Drive.  Turn Right (east).  The campus is on the north side of the street between Myrtle and Ivy Avenues.