Bumper Sticker of the Day: Who are the Evildoers Again?

The Santa Monica Public Library continues to be a rich source of local blogging color.  Today’s bumper sticker, found on the back of a car parked in the Library’s parking garage, reads:


When Evil Just Isn’t Evil Enough

This bumper sticker, which presumably dates back to the 2004 or even the 2000 Presidential election, is still in pretty decent shape.  Better than, say, the Constitution.

3 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker of the Day: Who are the Evildoers Again?”

  1. Maybe the bumper bruises were left by Satan himself, trying to claw the bumper sticker off because his approval rating is much higher than Bush’s 26%.

  2. I have a bumper sticker from 1992 that says “No more Bushit”, but I didn’t have a car back then so I put it in a scrapbook not knowing it would still be relevant 16 yrs later.

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