All your power are belong to us

SCE Control Box
Pardon the reference to AYB but today I gave up control on one more item in an effort to reel in my utility bills.  Helping conserve some electricity by giving SCE control of my A/C is what I did.  The little grey box here is how they will help me control useage.  Doing this helps SCE keep demand within capacity.  If giving “them” control will lower my bills and keep the lights on I figured this was worth a try.

SCE intaller

SCE has their Summer Discount Plan wherein you give them control of your A/C.  During peak periods when CA ISO determines we are moving into a power emergency they can deactivate your A/C until the emergency passes.  They retain control from June 1 to October 1 each year.  You do get to chose how often they shut you down and for how long.  Of course the more you drift towards comfort the lower your potential savings will be. 

The SCE installer arrived today to hook up the magic grey box to my A/C unit.  I stand to save $200 under their system which may not sound like much but that does help shift money to pay gasoline bill.

If you are an SCE customer you can get your SDP application HERE.  Those of you on the LADWP grid don’t have that option available to you.  LADWP offers as a consolation prize some tools on their web to help you audit your energy useage on the Energy Efficiency page of their web.

At first I was a little hesitant to sign up as I already have done a lot to control useage…because I am cheap more than anything else.  I’ve insulated the walls and attic, put in a programmable thermostat ad infinitum and yet in the last 5 years my power bill has doubled.   The potential savings will help my budget and trim the demand from the power grid. 

3 thoughts on “All your power are belong to us”

  1. I was going to say “that’s really cool,” but honestly, I guess it’s the opposite of cool. Seriously, thanks for sharing this one, Fraz.

  2. Confused – are they giving you money so they can control the thermostat for you?
    Or is the savings from the reduced usage?

    In other words, if someone just adjusted their AC accordingly, possibly using it less than someone who has the device, would they get the same savings?

  3. Its savings by letting them control your useage during peak periods. The difference between simply setting to a higher temp and this method is that during the worst times of the day when we roll into tier 4 pricing I won’t have my compressor on as much as someone simply increasing their thermostat.

    The bigger benefit comes from reducing the demand when we are at grid capacity.

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