Go See Rilo Kiley at the Greek Tonight–for Free!


We haz winners! Sorry, no tickets left. Try the Warped Tour instead.

Last-minute ticket alert!!! We don’t even have time to make up a clever contest for this one. We’ll be choosing randomly from the first commenters to tell me their fave thing about tonight’s lineup at the Greek: Rilo Kiley, Lavender Diamond and Benji Hughes!

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10 thoughts on “Go See Rilo Kiley at the Greek Tonight–for Free!”

  1. My favorite thing about tonight’s lineup is Rilo Kiley! I saw Lavender Diamond a few weeks ago at the Wiltern opening for the Dresden Dolls and they put on a charming show.

  2. ooh ooh ooh! My favorite thing is Rilo Kiley, of course; my favorite thing about them is that they’re local LA band, and that I’ve seen them rise to stardom over the past few years, which is makes me brim with local pride and happy to see a great band find success. Yay! (Although man, it makes it tougher to get into these shows- I remember when it was easy enough to see them down at the echo and it was nice and small!!) (my email is daisy at daisychurch dot com )

  3. favorite thing is Rilo Kiley and the fact that i get to see them live now that i live in LA.

  4. I can’t go to the show tonight, but I felt compelled to offer a counter-point to bort’s “charming show” review of Lavender Diamond. I was at that show as well. While the Dresden Dolls RAWKED and even the opening band, Smoosh, were terrific, Lavender Diamond were positively dreadful. I can’t believe they find themselves on another great bill, this time with Rilo Kiley at the Greek. Someone in the industry must owe their dad a favor.

  5. My favorite thing about the show is that the incredible LA musician Benji Hughes is joining them on the bill. If you haven’t seen him play, you are in for a treat!

  6. my favorite thing about rilo kiley is that jenny lewis successfully made the transition from child actress to amazing musician / fashion icon while still seeming sweet to her bandmates.

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  7. Rilo Kiley puts on a phenomenal show. Jenny Lewis knows how to strut her stuff on stage, and Blake Sennett compliments it well. Solid show. I’ve seen Benji Hughes open up for them before and I was really surprised by it! He’s a fun performer, and his songs are smooth ballads or full of fun snarky quips.

  8. DONE! Comment all you want, but we got winners. Thanks for playing, loves.

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