Attack of The G-String Bling

Like most girls, I like fancy underpants…. and can relate to being under attack by my G-Strings. But not like Macrida Patterson from here in LA! According to The Smoking Gun, she’s suing Victoria Secret, because she says that a decorative metallic piece flew off her G-String and hit her in the eye.

I just have one question…. what the hell was Macrida wrestling with to get G-String bling to fling into her eye? Must have been some big-ass animal. Her lawyer says her cornea was scratched causing her to miss a couple of days of work. She works for the Department of Transportation, so the next time you see that meter maid frowning at you in her manly uniform… just imagine what she’s sporting under that uniform!

5 thoughts on “Attack of The G-String Bling”

  1. Unless there’s some kind of spring loaded, metallic object, eye propelling device secretly built into her fancy underpants, then I can’t wait to see her have to pay Victoria Secret’s court costs for wasting everyone’s time.

  2. All considerations of NSFW flinging bling and frivolous lawsuits aside, I think I’d like to meet RumorsDaily.

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