BHPD cyclist intimidation situation

I casually mentioned this situation earlier right after it happened and many folks in the comments responded by pointing out that those involved needed to go file a complaint right away. Well they did, and they seem to be getting blown off. Over on WestSideBikeSide, Mihai has posted a more detailed breakdown of what actually happened, who they followed up with and filled the complaints with, and the reactions they’ve gotten since then which unfortunately have been less than positive.

“My main gripes are being intimidated by a police officer for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Stemming from that is a feeling like I got a little bit of the “group punishment” that cyclists tend to receive. Also, if this specific officer doesn’t reprimanded for his actions, he’ll just think he’s being righteous and will continue to harass cyclists that happen to ride through his turf. This seems to be the case since both a watch commander and the investigating officer do not see anything wrong with driving a Police SUV aggressively towards a bunch of cyclists for no good reason.  It’s not even that big of a deal to them, they may honestly see nothing wrong with this because that’s simply how they were pre-programmed to think.”

Check out the full story here, and any suggestions on next steps are more than welcome.