Do you like blogging, hot weather girls, and fashion?

I was reading about KNBC weathercaster Elita Loresca in an article in LA Weekly about our local weather folks.

The article mentions a blog (“Elita Loresca, Elita’s Closet”) which is devoted to her fashion choices while she was doing the weather in Miami.

Written by a gay guy named Brian who watched her and critiqued her choice in clothing on a daily basis, the blog featured detailed descriptions of what she was wearing, commentary on her hair, as well as occasional screen shots.

Here’s an example:

Friday, October 12, 2007
It looks like a hot pink hot air balloon has deflated and landed on our beautiful storm tracker.

If a gust of wind had blown through the studio would Elita have become airborne like that fat kid in Willy Wonka?

The blog has not been updated since Elita left Miami to “come home to California” and I’m wondering if there is a good-hearted Angeleno who wants to pick up where Brian left off?

10 thoughts on “Do you like blogging, hot weather girls, and fashion?”

  1. on second thought, I guess that would require those of us who haven’t yet joined the twenty-first century via Tivo to be at a tv at a specific time each night. :-(

  2. The better one to blog about would have been Rachael Bozie (sp?) who was at knbc for a few years. She more often than not had some strange stuff on.

  3. I’ll post this here since it’s about TV:

    Anyone notice The Simpsons last night at 730 was in Spanish for the first 10 minutes? I thought I’d accidentally hit the SAP button on my remote..but I didn’t. So I called Fox 11. They actually have an Option (6, I believe) that says “Are you hearing our telecast in Spanish?” The recording claimed I’d accidentally hit the SAP button…but I didn’t.

    When The Simpsons came back from commercials at 7:39, it was back in English.

    Truly strange…especially considering KCOP (also owned by Fox 11) screwed up an Angels game last week and started showing a movie right when a guy on the A’s hit the game-winning Grand Slam.

    – AP

  4. Aaron, I noticed the same thing! I got tired of trying to figure out if I’d done something wrong so I just watched Scrubs on Comedy Central instead.

  5. Glad I’m not the only one who that happened to!!!

    By the time the commercial came back, everything was normal.

    That was so weird, though, that they had an option on their hotline about it.

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