Award-Winning Pothole of the Week Being “Destroyed” Today

So last week I wrote stoked about how the bad bit of road on southbound Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City that I submitted to L.A. Times staffwriter Steve Hymon (who writes the Rode Sage column in the paper/online and recently took over the Bottleneck Blog online at was picked as the inaugural Pothole of the Week winner last Thursday.

Just six days later as I’m biking across Slauson toward that hazardous zone this morning I was even more stoked to find (pictured below) the right lane closed and several big ass Culver City pothole-eradicating vehicles (included some contraption known as an Asphalt Zipper) on scene and getting prepped to hopefully end the streak of temporary patch jobs and get down to the business of making that stretch a bit more permanently smoother and safer. Power of the press, baby.


I’m gonna pay a visit to the scene after work this afternoon to snap the progress made and I’ll post a pic of what I find after I get home.

UPDATE: Wow.  Given the what it looked like before, I almost cried when I arrived at the thing of beauty before me (click to triplify):


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