The Best Summer Camp Ever!

laderbycamp.jpgTo add to the very short list titled, “Things That Make Me Almost Regret Not Having Children,” is the news that the LA Derby Dolls have a summer camp for girls aged 9 to 17. I can pretty much imagine no better way for a thirteen-year-old girl to spend five days in July than scrimmaging with the Derby Dolls. Plus there are arts and crafts like designing fliers and decorating shirts, two musts in any teen hipster skillset.

┬áIf, like me, you have no spawn, you’ll just have to settle for going to see the dolls roll their stuff at Battle on the Bank, LA’s first banked track tournament–June 28 & 29–an event which also includes bands, a fortune teller, and a puppet show.

3 thoughts on “The Best Summer Camp Ever!”

  1. “Spawn” is the act of producing offspring.
    They are also know as egglets, kidlets, rug rats, rodents and a variety of other terms based on their stage of development and ranking on the parental ire thermometer.
    Love all 3 of mine but would let you borrow my teen if you REALLY want to send her to camp.

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